Out in 2020

My Long Locking Story is an action puzzle mobile game 🕹, where you open many different locks.

What's inside?
  • 🛠 A lot of work ⚒
    You're people's last hope and the savior.
  • Asteroids 🌠
    Mother nature has irony!
  • Robot hands 🤖
    An absolutely neccessary attribute
    of any game about locks!
  • Useful guides 📖
    Sometimes correct answer is just not enough...
  • A ton of upgrades 🤔💡
    There's no limit to perfection!

How does it feel like?

Mad scientist dreams of your help

A mobile game. Not too casual, with content to explore.
A... bsolutely!
A lockpicking from TES: Skyrim + a lot of modifier to level it up a notch.
If generator above tickles your fancy, then most likely.
Early 2020, if my estimations worth anything (they're not).
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